Property photography is more important than ever, as most property searches now starting online. Our photographers are trained to show off your property to its full potential, this means combining a creative eye with the latest technology. We take the time to highlight interesting layouts and design features. The devil is in the detail and we are always looking to bring out the property’s ambience. Our clients appreciate our drive, because they know it allows potential tenants or buyers to visualise the lifestyle that comes with the property. The weather is no match for our experience and professionalism. We can produce striking high-end photography to enhance any property for both online and offline use any time of the year.


Let’s face it, everything looks better when the sun shines. Unfortunately, we live in dear old blighty, where the average amount of sunshine amounts to around 125 days a year. A well inserted billowy cloud or two can make the all-important difference to a potential client and turn that dreary photo into a dreamy one – helping it get the online clicks it truly deserves.


Photoshop touch ups are standard practice these days, and rightly so – we can all do with a helping hand now and again. However, it’s worth pointing out that the level of post-production technical skill can vary significantly from photographer to photographer. Likewise, with sky replacements – in the wrong hands any ‘enhancements’ can ruin a perfectly good photograph, often going too far and thus losing the finer details.


At Home Circle we are highly skilled in Adobe Photoshop. This service is very useful if you are not completely ready with the surroundings of your new build property or development site and would like to start advertising. Adding grass, tarmac, bricks, removing tools and machinery or making nice reflections in windows makes the external photographs nice and ready to be used even if you still need a few weeks to finish.

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