Are you a site developer or an estate agent working on a new development? If so, you will likely be keen to start marketing your properties as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the builders to move off site, start selling now.

Building from new

Give your property the best chance of a quick sell by allowing perspective buyers to visualise the end result. At Home Circle we are highly skilled in Adobe Photoshop. We can take your photographs to the next level and bring your property development to life. Enable customers to visualise your project today.

  • Development Sites – maximum safety & professionalism
  • New Build Homes – high quality photographs with a quick turnaround

  • Renovations – focused on the detail

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AERIAL Construction site photography using DRONES

Superb 4K or HD quality video and stills for every stage of your construction project. Let us take care of your aerial requirements by documenting your construction project from the planning stage right through to completion. In our experience aerial images are a fantastic way to give contractors a unique view advantage, whilst ensuring the safety of the public and staff. After providing us with a brief of the task we prepare for the flights, make several pre-checks, and visit you on the site ready to “fly”. The time taken on each job depends on requirements, average flight time is one hour. We will not affect on-going work at the site unless low flights are required.

We are CAA license approved UAV operators (drone pilots) and comply with the legal policy created and controlled by CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). We are fully insured with public liability cover.


Trusted Partners

Introducing our trusted partners. We work with the best of the best in the business and believe it’s important that you put your trust into the hands of the best property marketing specialists in the South West. Our clients value our skills and professionalism and we ensure that they are never disappointed by always remembering our core philosophical principles – ‘Sincerity and creativity’. By committing ourselves to these ideals we derive genuine satisfaction from our work, whilst making a meaningful contribution to society.

Future Developments

We regularly work with construction companies – large and small… please contact us today.

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