We all know first impressions count and that’s where aerial drone photography comes into its own. An aerial shot of your property helps provide not only depth and dimension, but also a glimpse of what is surrounding the property. A pool, professionally landscaped garden, or the surrounding countryside can all be captured and showcased beautify using aerial drone photography.

A pool, professionally landscaped garden, or the surrounding countryside can all be captured and showcased beautify by aerial drone photography. An aerial shot can set the property apart in one single photograph, gaining that all important advantage over the competition. Aerial photography is still a relatively new product to the sector, which will automatically make you property stand out on websites like Zoopla, Rightmove and Prime Location.

Home Circle is a CAA license approved UAV operator and complies with the legal policy created and controlled by CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). We are fully insured with public liability cover.

What do you get for your money?

  • A fully licensed and experienced UAV pilot

  • Professional & experienced property photographer

  • Pre-assessment & important Safety Checks

  • Up to 1 hour drone flying

  • 20 edited high definition aerial photographs


Aerial photography doesn’t have to start and finish with a birds-eye view; even the slightest of elevations can dramatically enhance a properties appearance. Only one photograph can be chosen as the property’s feature image, a feature image taken from the drone’s perspective can provide you with that much needed ‘wow-factor’. It will grab the attention of potential buyers and blow your competition well and truly out of the water. Once we have discussed the details and agreed on a price, there will be no added fees or hidden costs. We can offer discounts for multiple jobs or tasks.

First Impression & Extra Angles are Important

We offer affordable solutions, enabling our clients to gain a competitive advantage when selling their home.


Our Requirements To Operate Safely & Legally

As licensed UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operators HOME CIRCLE is governed and regulated by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). It is essential for us to adhere to these regulations so that we can operate legally and safely. We will also obey the rules set out by our insurance and public liability providers. The restrictions for our work and PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) are extremely detailed. Here are few outlines we will require and follow. However, we will do an individual risk assessment for each project.

  • We will require the permission of the landowner to take off and land.
  • We cannot fly directly over people, roads & buildings which are not under the control of the pilot (operator). We require a minimum distance of fifty meters from these objects.
  • There are restrictions in certain areas, which means we may need to seek permission from the CAA.
  • When flying near an airport or aerodrome we may need to contact Air traffic Control, to ensure that it is safe for us to operate.
  • The Pilot always has final say as to whether flying conditions and locations can be ‘deemed safe”.
  • In some rare cases we may need to do a pre-flight visit to ascertain whether we can fly. However, we normally do our pre-flight survey from the Home Circle offices.

Our Wise Advice: As the growth of awareness in UAV photography and filming is realised, there will be more suppliers offering their aerial services. Anyone flying drones for commercial use is required to be licensed by the CAA and have valid PfCO. If they don’t, they will not be insured or have a public liability cover, which creates a risk for you and your business.

Please be careful and choose only licensed operators for the safety of you, those being photographed (filmed) and for the protection of the aerial photo and filming industry! Thank you.